Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tucker's newest pic

Tucker's last ultrasound...he smiles.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

T is for Tucker

We're already losing sleep!

T is for Tucker- and named appropriately so... we are Tuckered out! It's Janine here- bypassing my ebay money train to catch y'all up- not to mention I am freaking TIRED. I have been totally busy at work, and coming home to frantically gear up for our new arrival... They told us in childbirth class that she would start "nesting", but I feel like I've built about 20 in the last 2 weeks. The pressure to have the house spotless when our guests arrive- and not being able to use Carey as a helper is taking it's toll. I'm a little overwhelmed- oh! and PMS is putting me into BITCH overdrive. "Love wash over a multitude of things..." as Sara Groves sings... Thank God for my understanding partner and children.

We are so close now at 36 weeks and we *never* thought we would reach this point. We are nervous at any little sign of possible or remotely possible- or near impossible symptoms that could indicate trouble. I'm not helping matters any by being like, "Danger, Wil Robinson! You have swelling to your hands and face!" Proceeded by, "Did they check your protein? How much did you gain? Are you seeing spots? Is he moving ok? Do you have any discharge?" Yes- you would not believe how many times a week I ask this question. It's insane. This morning my serious gf orders breakfast from bed- she's trying to do her "kick counts" and is concerned. I fixed her the cereal with the highest sugar content (cocoa pebbles) and a tall glass of apple juice. We pushed, we prodded. I was this ***** close to doing a external cephalic version, i swear. I had a hold of his little buttocks and was trying to help him move a little :) Finally we played his song "Cody's song" by Kenny Loggins (yes, we are aware it's a little gay-er than say, John Mayer..but we are ok with that. :) And it worked... he was well on his way to 10 kicks and then some.

Carey is not loving the lugging. Of our bouncing baby boy, that is. She is having a hard time sleeping. When she tosses and turns she has to hold her belly like a bowling balland it's like she's in slow motion- poor mommy. She's eating massive amounts of food, but she is doing great weight wise- I'm proud of her for that --> I didn't do that part so well with mine. Her feet are getting bigger and she is sleeping a great bit. Overall she just can't wait to get him OUT! I think it's funny how our bodies prepare us for childbirth like that. Just a month ago she was petrified of giving birth and was saying things like, "I'm realizing he has to come out SOME way!" and now if they offered her delivery today- she'd be all over it.

We STILL don't have a middle name. We STILL don't have his room ready. We STILL don't have the bag packed all the way. We STILL don't have a birth plan... I'm a little spazzed out at this point. I'm tempted to say something positive here, but I know how silly that is, given the circumstances- we only have 2-3 weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, uh... Carey, now that atleast 14 people in the world are reading our blog- How's about a birth plan, eh???

I took some belly shots this evening- when I get time, I DO intend to make a music montage... lol... I love those things :)!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finally got the crib put together...what do you think??