Friday, October 31, 2008

Choosing Life

It's late and I am up entirely too late...So I get into these YouTube obsessive modes and take my wandering mind for a stroll...Google, Youtube, YouTube, Google...the quest for knowledge and enlightenment :) Carey said to me that since she's had a time getting pregnant she feels differently about a woman's right to choose now. I never really thought about it to tell the truth- not a lot anyways. I guess as you age you learn to appreciate life and see children for their innocent beauty, instead of a responsibility. So here it is** Carey,you'll be hearing this for the first time as well, because you are snug as a bug in an electric blanket upstairs, sleeping** I want to advocate life... Who knew I would come to such revelations on this blogger thing after being so vehemently opposed to sharing my life with total strangers? I haven't written in a long time and I guess it allows me to sort thru all of the stuff swirling around in the noggin. Feet.Are. Blocks. Of. Ice. Can't Take. It! Must have electric blanket and my best friend to help me warm up a little! 'Night.