Monday, November 10, 2008

Plans For Baby

I haven't mentioned our TTC journey on our blog yet, so I guess now is as good a time as ever. I have felt kind of down about being on hold with it for so long, but I think that we are about to get started again.

We love our boys very much and would really like to have at least one (maybe 2..we go back and forth on that) more together to complete our family. We talk about it alot to and the boys are excited. They would love to have a brother (their dad has a daughter so they have a little sister already).

We have already done 6 IUIs with a Reproductive Endocrinologist in Charlotte, but no pregnancy yet. I have PCOS, which has made this a little tougher. I did one cycle with Clomid and 5 cycles with injectible fertility drugs. We have an appointment in December with a different doctor in Raleigh to get a second opinion and see if we should move on to IVF or try a few more IUIs.

Keep us in your prayers for good news in December!


twondra said...

Definitely thinking and praying for you guys!!