Thursday, April 23, 2009

J is for Janine, Josh and Jonatha Brooke

Janine - means "Gift from God"..or that is what her parents say :) Only her family can call her Jan.  I try to and most of the time she gets pissed.  At work they call her J9.  Don't you think Jan is so much easier??

Josh - is Janine's brother.  He is her only full sibling (same mom and dad).  He lives in Virginia Beach.  We only see him a few times a year..but love him dearly.  Jan...I mean Janine..tries to get him to move down here all the time but it is just not gonna happen.  

Jonatha Brooke - - She is an amazing musician that Janine introduced me to.  She is now one of my all time favorites.  She is not very well known ..but should be.  Check out her website :)


Crazy Emma said...

Listened to 'All you gotta do is touch' on Jonatha's website. It's cool and a fantastic song to play to my girlfriend, i reckon!

Carey said...

"How deep is your love" and "Better After All" are two of my favorite Jonatha songs. These are older but you should listen to them :)