Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camping was ok..

It wasnt something that I would want to do on a regular basis.  When we got there on Thursday, the campground had just had a major storm, and trees had fallen and there was no power.  I know that power isnt really a big issue when you are camping, but for me taking a hot shower is a big deal.    So I didnt get to shower until Friday night around 11pm.  I was looking and smelling like a seasoned camper for sure LOL!!  The kids had fun and got to swim alot and I even went out in a canoe (which I loved!!).  Maybe we will go again, when the kids are old enough to keep the fire going and put up the tent themselves..until then I think I will be sleeping indoors :)


Crazy Emma said...

Camping is definitely an acquired taste. Good that the kids enjoyed it tho!
We stayed in an authentic tepee last year and it was very romantic, but cold! We did have access to hot showers tho so that was good!

Carey said...

A tepee?? No way!!