Wednesday, March 24, 2010

88 days maximum

Wow... 88 days is the very most time my love will be "with child". Our baby boy is steadily growing. He has been more active in the daytime, whereas he used to be active at night. It never fails, though, at 11pm he decides to get busy in there. Sometimes I will push on her belly and he will play a little game with me. I push, he kicks back. I push, he kicks back. I talk to him every night. I say things like, "Hello, baby! Are you having a party in there?"- at which point he gives a good "BAM!" to her bump... After that, we play a lullabye or two and he starts to squirm. We haven't figured out if it's pleasant for him, or if he is moving away. However, my parents did it for me in utero and I did it every day for my 2 boys... so that's what baby boy gets too!
Carey's dad will come to set up the crib next week because we will be at our greatest milestone yet, 28 weeks!!! I still have a lot of work to do, clearing out the "study" of our accumulated's our "hoarder" room... ebay stuff, baby stuff and the original room stuff...sigh... it's going to be a long and hard weekend.
I have 3 papers to write for school in the next 2 weeks, which has me overwhelmed. I also have a ton of yard work to do- on top of the kid's spring break and working full time. I plan to take 2 days off so I can manage, though I don't plan on squandering the kids vacation. We usually plan something big in April and I feel guilty not being able to go.
Carey has been given permission to drive and move around more- but I think she is taking it a little futher than necessary. Although, I have to admit, I like not having to do the dishes!!! :) She isn't complaining as much about her stomach hurting this week *knock on wood*. She seems to hold some pride in being in the third trimester. She should. She made it happen by doing all the doctor said to do. She has an appt on Thursday- and I will miss little booger on the "big screen"
:( . I'll definitely try to post this one and update the blog on how big he's getting.