Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Boy Is Growing!!

At ultrasound yesterday, he weighed 3lbs and 12ozs!!  He is measuring right on schedule and seems to be very healthy.  My doctor has scheduled my cerclage to come out on June 37 weeks.  It is great to be talking about 37 weeks..I remember not to long ago when his survival was questionable.  We have a baby shower on Sunday, so hopefully I will have some pictures to post then.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers :) 


Kate said...

That is great news. I pray everyday that he stays put. I was bregnant with triplets and lost one, not as tramatic as your loss- but I think about my lost baby now and again. I am so sorry for your loss and I know that would will never go away- but I am so excited that this little guy is a fighter and doing so well.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone is doing well!

Carey said...

Thank you..our little guy is definitely a fighter!!


So glad to hear everything is going so well now. You are so close now. Love seeing your ticker count down, I have a long way to go still. I have been checking in to see if there was a new update. Thanks for posting. Have a great week.

Any new pics to share? Blessings,