Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cerclage Removal Complete!

We have arrived. 37 weeks is full term and we reached that milestone on Sunday- Yipee!
Today Carey and her step mother, Marie (who has been such an amazing support through all of this) went for the cerclage to be removed. It was an in-office procedure, that went better than she had hoped for. If there were any complications removing the stitch, Carey would have gone in tomorrow for a spinal block and removal in the "O.R." (needless to say we didn't want that to happen). The stitch was removed in about 3 mins. There was some blood on the doctor's hands and Carey continues to bleed a little, which the doctor said was normal. This next part is only documented for readers curious about cerclage may be Too Much Information (TMI)for those not otherwise interested... Carey said there was a clot that came out after all was said and done. I'm guessing maybe it could be the equivalent of a mucous plug? We never did get a firm answer as to whether or not she still actually had a mucous plug after delivery of Owen- apparently no one knows... Anyhow- now that you are thoroughly grossed out...

The doc said Carey is 1cm dilated and 80% effaced. Google searches are no help as to this being indicative of impending labor within a certain time frame. So I guess this leaves us like everyone else- playing the waiting game until "D-day".

Yes, the bags are FINALLY packed! I've asked Carey to work on a birthing plan today, but my guess is that the 2 percocet that they gave her for pain will take her out for the afternoon and I'll breathe easier some other time.

We have worked on my list of TO DO's all weekend, however, and made some major progress. We cleaned the entire house, packed the baby's bag and both of our bags, washed the 2 vehicles, installed the carseat, listed items on ebay, went to a birthday party, saw a movie, fixed the kid's bikes,bathed and groomed the dog(at home-woof!), went grocery shopping, did all of the laundry, packed the kids for summer camp on Sunday, and a bunch of other miscellaneous tasks. All that to say- we were productive this weekend- and worked together to get it done.
When I rewrote my list last night (minus our accomplishments) it was still pretty lengthy- but much more manageable now. Thank you Carey :) I need a freakin' Xanax. :)

Sorry, no pics of the cerclage removal are available hahaha... Instead, I'll leave y'all with a video I enjoy watching for a laugh every now and then- if you don't know the song, it won't be as funny- but even if you don't know the song you have to laugh. Til next time...


EmmaJilly said...

aww, i'm glad things are good so far. hope everything goes well and the little one is with you soon x

Michele said...

So glad to here all is well! Can't wait to hear that he's arrived!!!

Kate said...

So excited for you- bummed about the lack of pictures. :) I had my twins at 37 weeks- I was done- so I talked the Dr. into a c-section.
Won't be long now- so excited for you guys to meet the baby- great job keeping the little one in for 37 weeks!


Checking in to see how things are going. How are you feeling? Glad you made it full term. Hope to hear a great birth update soon. Blessings,