Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Rhymes with Tucker?

I know you didn't just think that.....
 Pucker! Pucker up!  This one is a kisser! We keep him covered in kisses all day long.  Aww... just thinking about it makes my heart melt.  I'm at work on lunch break.  Tucker is now a month old and weighed in at 8lbs 12 oz on Monday.  He is eating like a champ!Tucker interlocks his fingers sometimes, especially when nursing. He's such a good little baby.

When he is not being held He is usually doing THIS...
It's a classic case, really...I just won't say of what, or someone might get mad.

Other than a lack of sleep- we are loving every moment- literally. 
A few things I've learned:
  • Carey doesn't care if he matches.  I like to color coordinate down to the burp cloth.
  • There is a fine technique to washing baby clothes and keeping them looking like new.
  • You can give a new mom advice, but inevitably, she'll learn the hard way. (I'll be punished for this statement later.)
  • No sleep and working at 6 am is near impossible.
  • Sleep is near impossible.
  • Breastmilk volume doesn't increase like formula... it changes composition (3 oz of breastmilk can be equivalent to 5 oz formula)
  • peeing up the BACK of the diaper is common in newborn boys.
  • There are many kinds of spit up... the "hurler", the "dribbler", projectile vomit, the "when did this get on my shirt?", the "suck it off your binky" type, the "yogurt mouth"
  • Icecream on my lips brings Tucker to his happy place in 1.2 seconds flat and for atleast 5 mins thereafter (I'll be punished for this statement later.)
  • 2 mommies, 1 baby- and a dirty house? Yeah-living proof, right here.
  • even treasured family pets become villians when you find a hair on the binky- yech!
  • Washing the baby in his own pee-peed bath water is far more fathomable than wrapping up a soapy baby, emptying the water, and starting over again. He'll get another bath tomorrow.
  • There IS such a thing as projectile poop.

    The joy of motherhood abounds.... it really does. :)


Kate said...

He is so handsome- I love the hat! So happy for you guys!

A said...

He is beautiful! So happy for you!


He is so perfect, I could look at his sweet pics all day. Maybe soon I'll have birth news to share. Thank You for thinking of us and your prayers.

Hope yall have a great week. How has everything been?