Tuesday, June 30, 2009

N is for Needles and No kids!

Well the Needles are for the IVF process that is now under way.  I am on BCPs and start Lupron on 7/07.  This wasnt the way this was supposed to go, but it looks like this is the only choice for us now.  I am so worried that this isnt going to work.  I am almost so worried that I dont want to do it.  Once I do it, if it doesnt work, then I really dont have much hope left.  I can't afford to do this more than once (at least in the next several years).  So doing it now means this is it!! BTW..that was the last of the negative comments...cause this is going to work!!!!!!  I will be pregnant soon!!

No kids = kids are away at camp until Friday.  This is the first time they have gone to an overnight camp alone.  They are about 2 hours away.  They can't call and they can't email, so I hope they are having fun.  I find myself wondering alot about what they are doing and if they are being safe and watching out for each other.  The camp is sponsored by the military for children of deployed parents and it is free for them to go.  Say a prayer for them and hope they are wearing their lifejackets, sunscreen, and bugspray.

Happy 4th of July!!


twondra said...

You will be pregnant soon. :)

Hope the kids are having fun!!