Monday, October 19, 2009

Holy Betas, Batman!!!

My beloved pregnant one has been eating enough for three or four... and I'm thinking is there a reason for that?  She had her third beta test today which came back at 6571.  Today is day 22. Check out the average numbers.  The numbers are looking scary- median numbers for triplets aren't even that high... but we hear betas can vary greatly (I'm still praying for one single healthy baby)  Tonight she is having "night sickness" and needs assistance.  She wants a trash can by the bed, Tums, and "No moving around!"
 I had Hayden take a picture of her belly tonight. It looks like a checkerboard.  Estrogen patches leave a stubborn bandaid type of residue in their rectangular shape.  Carey lines them up in rows :) We have a ritualistic type of cleaning every couple of days.  I "get" to use the cotton balls and Neutrogena oil on her while she relaxes on the bed. She likes it when I am in service to her- kind of like when you get a pedicure and the little asian ladies rub your feet and legs when they are through... she eats that stuff up.  ( and I received a "Hell no!" when asking to post the belly pic ;)