Thursday, March 5, 2009

C is for Carey, California, and Carolina

Carey - of course is my name.  I never liked it growing up because no one ever ever spells it right.  It is spelled like a boy, so I could never really find things with my name printed on them as a kid (unless it was something for a boy).  I have several nicknames: CareyBell, CareyBerry, CareBear, and my all time favorite..NOT....ScaryCarey.

California - is where I am going in April.  Like I said before I am not looking forward to the flight, but I have never been out west, so I am super excited!  Janine and I are taking the boys and we are flying into San Francisco for 4 days, then we are driving up through Oregon and Washington to her sister's house on Whidbey Island.  It is a couple hours north of Seattle at the Navy base. We will be gone a total of 12 days and I will take tons of pictures and videos.

Carolina - is home for me :)  I have lived and worked in Carolina (North and South) my whole life.  Even though I have never lived anywhere else, I have a great appreciation for home.  I am 2 hours from the mountains and 3 hours from the beach.  The people here are friendly and really show their southern hospitality.  Come and visit ya'll :)